Overview of the Day

Grad 2024

Graduation Day is June 14, 2024


Overview of the actual Grad day. 

  • Ceremony will be at the school - The front yard gets turned into a stage area - weather permitting. If weather turns, we will be in the school. 
  • Banquet will be at The Pink Building next door - inside the main gym of the Ponoka Cadets 
  • Ceremony Overview 
    • Grads book individual times for their stage crossing
    • Grads arrive at their scheduled time - get gowns, organized
    • Presentation of Grads/getting school certificates/eagle feather presentations
  • Banquet Overview
    • Welcome Address
    • Dinner
    • Speeches
    • Powerpoints
    • Collective Round Dance
    • Grads meet at the (TBD) for a group photo