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Welcome to our teachers page. If you would like to contact one of our teachers directly please feel free to select the contact us page. On that page is a drop down menu where you can select the teacher and it will send them a direct email. 

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You can also select one of the teachers from the eteachers drop down list for that teachers website section. 

Staff Directory


Tisdale, Ian - Principal

Freadrich, Erin - Assistant Principal


Amundson, Teri Lynn - Math, Science

Halbert, Shawn - Science, Math, 

MacEachern, Johnathan - Humanities

Pearn, Rob - Art

Scott, Stacey - Bridges Program

Strychalski, Shelia - Humanities

Wilkinson, Jim - Humanities

Wong, Allan - Generalist

Administrative Assistant

Jarrett, Carolyn

Jones, Valerie

School Social Worker

Dickson, Candice

Educational Assistant

Wilkinson, Dianne

Wilson, Tyson - Bridges Program


Burton, Jacquie